Step Up With Steph

Don’t limit God

Written by Stephanie Chizoba Odili

As usual, I’m here to share the word of God with you, as shared to me yesterday in church.

Before we sat down to receive the preaching, I knew that it was going to be fire! Apart from it being the first Sunday of the year, the atmosphere of the people of God around me was so energetic to receive the word.

Here are some take home messages that you can sit down with and ponder over.

I can also guarantee that if you watch the service again, there’ll still be more notes to make.

- Don’t try to stop adversity, instead build strength for it. And if that fails, don’t go blaming adversity, blame capacity. Prov 24 vs 10 highlights that faltering in time of trouble proves little strength. Now, before you go off thinking it’s a cold world here, hold on. I used to be a hyper sensitive person, every single thing was cause for fretting, faltering and frustrations. I still haven’t completely gotten over these things but I am realizing that the pity party from issues can sometimes graduate to attention, or enjoyment of your pity. Stop wallowing in it. Stop faltering in strength. This new year, build strength and a thick skin. Love and embrace progress over pity. In a world that romanticizes “suffer-head olympics”, it’s very easy to believe that pity can bring you help. No. Rising above that pity is what does. You’re constantly sick and wondering “where God is”, how about losing that thought and instead embracing progress and total faith in God.

- Destiny is not based on your background, rather on what God says about you. Look at the life of Moses, Elijah, even our very own Pastor Emmanuel Iren. These were all ordinary people whom God have used extraordinarily. Friend, it doesn’t matter what it looks like now, or what the world says about you. There’s only one person’s opinion that counts, and that’s God. So, remember not to limit God based off of your own fears and others’ wrong projections and assumptions of you.

- Jer 29 vs 11 is such a great assurance that God is thinking about you and planning for your future. So do me a favor will ya? Align yourself with the thoughts of God now. No matter what your own plans were or are, God’s for you is way bigger. Don’t limit God, instead surrender. That being said, learn to rebuke those satanic thoughts you get. You know the ones where you randomly start imagining how you’ll survive when your parents or partners die. Or what if you jump off the bridge and die on your way to work. I used to do it too, never again dear one.

- Believe today that God can make a name for himself in your life. If you doubt that, then permit me to use myself as an example. No matter where I’ve been, what I’ve done or said, or what has been said about me, God is steady making a name for himself in my life. The moment I finally wholeheartedly believed that, everything changed. Still not feeling me, okay look at Isa 9 vs 6-7. A prophesy about a child, who is now being called the Mighty God. It’s your story too!

- Now, after having established the power of God ready to work in you, there’s one more thing left- your willingness to accept. God can plan for you but until you say yes, e no go click. Look at Mary (Luke 1 vs 26-38). She didn’t get pregnant until she confirmed the will of God for her. God will plan for you, but not until you accept can it be fulfilled or evident. You’ll only see as much power as you allow. Wondering how you might be limiting God? It starts from you being unpersuadable (like the Israelites were in the wilderness) and then thinking small. Dream big please, it’s free.

The good news here is that the zeal of the Lord will do it. Even when it doesn’t look it, just believe it and go to sleep. And honestly, you’ve tried enough on your own. It’s time to look within you and let the power within work! Just keep reminding yourself that the zeal of God will do it (Isa 37 vs 32). Align with his word for you, accept it and let him be God. You just stay believing and working.

I hope these points have been able to bless and not bore you. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week ahead dear believer and friend.