Step Up With Steph

Faith Vocabulary

Written by Emmanuel Iduwe

Dear friend,

I’m about to share excerpts from God’s word that was yesterday shared in church. I pray you are as blessed as I was.

Faith is a very important subject in our walk with God, and should not be taken lightly. When it comes to our dealings with God, our five senses; although needed for interaction in this world, are often our greatest limitation from the endless possibilities in God. Faith can be described as a realization of the things we hope for. It is a powerful force that disconnects us from our five senses, and connects us to God’s possibilities.

You might be one of those that struggles with making the power of God work in your lives. You may be worried and confused, and proceed to question everything you know. The first thing you must understand is; there is nothing wrong with the power of God, only your ability to access it.

As powerful as He is, the only thing that can limit his move in your life is your own unbelief, and even in the midst of that unbelief, God faithfulness remains the only constant 2Tim 2:13, Rom 3:3. The wonders of God have no limits, He created the world out of nothing, and likewise can create solutions to whatever challenges you may face. The main reason why you may have not received from God is as a result of your inability to disconnect from the lack around you and connect to God’s infinite supply through faith.

Even Jesus who although was 100% God and 100% man was limited in his ability to perform some amazing miracles because of the unbelief of humans Matt 13:38. The power to elicit change is in the word of God. How then are some people producing results from the word, and others are not?

According to the parable of the sower in Matt 13:3-9, our hearts are often made unfertile by doubt and unbelief, causing the word of God to have no effect and yield no fruits. Also, false information that we have allowed to fester in our minds has often choked out the word of God that we heard. However, if we remain grounded in faith, which is a necessity for fertility, the word of God will come to stay and produce a bountiful harvest.

Interestingly also, Rom 13:8 records a harvest that is thirty times as more, sixty times as more and even a hundred times as more. That goes to show that it is the level of faith you have, that determines the results you will get.

Many times, believers are often mocked for not having the results that are to be expected from children of the all powerful God. The truth is, even if you regularly listen to different sermons and spend time studying the word of God, you will not produce desired results if faith is not stirred up in you. Take Peter for example in Matt 14:28-31, who the bible recorded walked on water for a short time when Jesus called him. But, as soon as he began to doubt, he started sinking, until Jesus held him up.

The state of your heart determines what you can receive. When you make it fertile with faith, you will produce unimaginable results. So, stop walking in doubt, and start walking in faith!

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