Step Up With Steph

I Move Mountains

Written by Stephanie Chizoba Odili

Dear believer,

What is this thing called fear?

Before we answer that, another question, who are you in Christ? See I Peter 2:9 (keyword: declare) and finally see Matt 5 vs 14-16 (keyword: light). You have too much authority, mandate and light to let fear get close to you.

Pastor Mayowa preached this sermon with so much fierceness that I cannot afford to water it down. So, ‘not story’ for the bluntness of this article.

  • Anyone who isn’t audacious cannot make impact for God, especially in the way they ought to.
  • The Holy Spirit in you is not the Spirit of fear. Therefore, telling you to address those ‘unthinkable’ are not about motivation; rather an activation.
  • If you are scared now, it’s okay. Don’t think you’re not spiritual. Actually, this means you have the potential of being used by God for something greater! Look at this: everyone in the Bible whom God used, was either told to ‘not fear’ or were already feeling afraid. Look at Abraham, a barren old man who even lost hope in himself and was afraid of dying without a child (assuming). Yet, in Genesis 15:5, look what God said to him. And suddenly, fear was nothing. Or what about Elijah in 1Kings 19:1-3 who was afraid of what Jezebel would do to him and ran for dear life before God intervened in the verses following. How can I forget Moses whom God had to literally show the powers of the rod with him. So, why do you, whose ‘rod’ resides within, fear so much?
  • If you succumb to fear, you’ll be ineffective. See Matthew 14 vs 30
  • Stop going to mountain to pray because you think it’s closer to heaven. You have the power at work in you!

How to deal with fear

  • Contemplate on the word of God. Read, think deeply on it for a long time, and understand what the word of God has to say surrounding fear. Get fixed on the word. Look at Isaiah 26 vs 3, Joshua 1:3-9, Deuteronomy 7:16-21, Isaiah 44:8
  • See the vision of God, in the word as well as in actual visions. Elisha, through the vision of bravery conquered. See 2 Kings 6:11-17. Or David, in the face of Goliath, a giant!
  • Face the fear and speak. If you sit and analyse fear, it’ll consume you. Never let fear win. Read 1 Samuel 17:32-49.

Say these affirmations of faith and courage this week:

  • My impact will be without fear, visible to others.
  • My light is visible, discernible and obvious.
  • I will focus less on what God has not done and instead focus on what he has done.
  • Resistance will come but I will be ready

I hope this message blessed and not bored you. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week ahead dear believer and friend and keep stepping up your knowledge in the faith.