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Reboot Camp 2020 - Part 1

Written by Stephanie Odilli on the 30th December, 2020

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Growing up Catholic, certain Bible passages were interpreted to mean certain things - that I now know to be wrong. I am learning how to properly study scriptures, and this camp stepped up my knowledge a lot faster than I would have done on my own. A true indoctrination. Some of my lesson points were:

  1. Eternal life is a gift.
  2. ‘Unity’ as we see Eph 4: 13 should be interpreted as ‘uniformity’. Basically, we are required to be unanimous in our faith. We ought to get to the point (the goal) where ALL believers believe in one doctrine. God wants us all to believe the same thing; he doesn’t want us in different denominations, practicing different doctrines. God’s plan for us when it comes to unity in the faith is to follow one message and in one voice.
  3. Desperately desire spiritual gifts. These scriptures—1 Cor 14 vs 1, 1 Cor 12 vs 31 and 1 Cor 14 vs 33—make it clear that you NOT wanting to desire the spiritual gifts is out of the question. If you’re saved and consecrated to God, then you must have them.
  4. As an apostle, I’m a culture custodian.
  5. Passionately believing is not passionately demonstrating. After all, you’re what you emphasize. Therefore, desire not just to believe but to do that which you’ve been called to do.
  6. Charismatic ministry is learning about the power of God and using it in my life. My God is a healing God, therefore I can.
  7. Prophesy isn’t for the lead pastor or church pastors alone. It’s for all flesh. It’s for me. Joel 2 vs 28
  8. Learn to make bold statements of faith. It must be heard loudly. Believe it, and then say it. Not in your heart, the way you do when you’re thinking something but not saying it. Speak out to the hearing of yourself and others the statements of faith.
  9. Want to know how to be useful in a church? See 1Cor 14:26
  10. The spirit is not “coming down” to empower you. You have already been empowered in spirit given to you as soon as you believe.
  11. Lesson for a minister; do not succumb to the pressure of popular demand. To be a true servant of God, you’ll need to say only what God will have you say per time.
  12. Lesson for a minister; have the boldness to stir yourself to the will of God.