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Reboot Camp 2020 - Part 2

Written by Stephanie Odilli on the 30th December, 2020

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  1. All ministry gifts have the same purpose which is to “equip the saints for the different work of ministry so that they can measure up to the fullness of the status of Christ”.
  2. Orthodox isn’t a bad word to be used in Christian communication. It’s the singleness of belief. Sadly today it means being run about their colleague and way of people.
  3. Discern the son of God in the word of God. You’ll only grow understanding with Christ.
  4. Do ministry with a strong sense of urgency. After all, the road to heaven has been described as a race.
  5. Tongues are possible because Jesus is glorified. It’s the only spiritual gift that confirms the story of Christ.
  6. Fruits of the spirit are the evidence of the influence of the spirit. Just as good words and morals are the confirmation of your salvation and not the requirement. Essentially, your works do not make you saved but they do make sure that you are.
  7. Salvation is your visa to heaven. Sanctification is your accent.
  8. When preaching the word of God, which you should, then preach about reconciliation. Which is that God in Jesus does not count sin, morality is not the access to heaven. Jesus died for us sinless people to be free and have eternal life. Get people to think about eternity and the kingdom of God, just as Christ did. Using an approach of love, warmth and compassion, find out what they believe in and indoctrinate them into the true word of God.
  9. Give what you have. You have money? Fund the gospel. You have a skill or talent useful in church? Serve as a worker. You, like me, have been made healers and miracle workers through Jesus in us, therefore we must give that back to. Share the salvation story, and when not doing that, put your faith to work and move mountains.
  10. God’s consistent character is love.
  11. Be a disciple who invites people to fellowship.
  12. Everytime you read John 3 vs 16, remember to read 1 John 3 vs 16.