Step Up With Steph

Light Be- Part 2

Written by Nwachinemelu

Dear believer,

As is our custom every Monday and Thursday, I bring you a refresher or a summary of the word taught yesterday by Pastor Tolu of CCI Lagos Mainland campus. And of course, the message was a valid reminder of who we are—light.

Ever been in a completely dark room but you have no fear because you have your phone torch? That is how we are as believers in a world that is dark.

How can I stay shining, impactful and fulfilling prophecy:

  1. Preach, preach, preach! To whoever, wherever and whenever (with consent please, our mission work is not to be forced down anyone). I hear someone who has been online this week say ‘Ahh but what if thy drag me?’ Then be ready to be dragged for it dear friend. In fact, it is better to expect and normalise it; after all Jesus even gave us heads up.
  2. Get a driving force—the love of God! 2 cor 5:14.It seems that some of believers have forgotten that we no longer live for ourselves and our pleasures, but now for God. So, please stop trying to be friends with the world; rather with God. If you truly understand this, it’ll drive you to shine as light.
  3. Do all things not in your name, but in the name of Jesus. In His name, you can do more for Him. See Acts 19:7-10 as proof that one person’s obedience can cover an entire continent. You have to increase capacity to do! In fact, do ministry like you’re the only one in whom the gospel of Christ depends on. Exactly, we have work to do. And for the rich folks reading it, your money can be used to fund the gospel, and what joy that will bring.

Affirmations today:

  • The impact of my light will always be visible and tangible.
  • What God will do through me this year will be felt and known to all
  • I will do more fruitful work for Christ

I hope this message blessed and not bored you. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely rest of the week dear friend and keep stepping up your knowledge in the faith.

PS: Do not forget one of our spiritual goals for the year, which is to save 21 souls for Jesus by Dec 2021. To make it easier, aim to bring at least 2 people per month to the church of Christ. Your target can also be 200 people. The more, the better!

The zeal of the world will do it!