Step Up With Steph

Light Be- Part 1

Written by Stephanie Chizoba Odili

Dear believer,

If you did(not) watch the Celebration Church mid-week service yesterday, I bring you a refresher or a summary of the word.

You are the light of the world, go and light the world.

Your impact cannot be hidden. If this year is really your year of light, which I believe it is, then you cannot be shy or choose to stay out of spreading the gospel. God didn’t send His son to die for you, only for you not to scream it from the roof top. People must say ‘glory to God’ on your account dear brethren; on the basis of you obeying the instructions to shine. You must live out the impact God has put inside of you, visible to believers and unbelievers alike. For context, the scriptures being looked at are:

  • Genesis 1 vs 1-3,14
  • 2 Cor 4 vs 3

If at the end of 2021, you did not preach the Gospel of Christ, it then shows that you did not put effort into the most important thing of all. Everyone must preach the gospel. No matter what you achieve, if you have not made significant contribution to the spread of the gospel then you haven’t achieved. If the first thing on your mind is to want to make impact all over the world in life and career and nothing on Jesus, then it is NOT it. You have to reveal Jesus. He needs to be revealed through you.

Why must we preach? Why is it compulsory?

  1. Because we’ve been commissioned to do so! So says:
    • Matt 28:19-20.
    • Mark 16 vs 15.
    • Luke 24 vs 46-48

    Preaching isn’t for pastors alone. Primarily her/his job is to train us for ministry. Right now, every church service we hear is training school. So, train others! Since Reboot 2020, I say to myself daily- “I have a work of ministry and God must take His glory on earth through my life”.

  2. It’s a popularity contest! It’s either us the believers taking the world for the Gospel, or the world brainwashing everyone to rely on everything but Jesus. Do you not see how much easier it is for other non Biblical agendas to fly when we have 2 over billion Christians in the world. It was through 12 ordinary humans that we have the good news of Christ spread to us. We have no excuse. Be about God’s plan.

Say to yourself daily:

  • God has given me the task of reconciling people to himself.
  • I make up my mind to spread the gospel.
  • I will not be ashamed of the message of God or the reputation that comes with enjoying eternal life.
  • I must expand the mental capacity of our vision
  • As the church grew in Acts 4:4, 5:14 etc, so will they now, through me.

I hope this message blessed and not bored you. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week ahead dear believer and friend and keep stepping up your knowledge in the faith.