Step Up With Steph

Shine As Light

Written by Emmanuel Iduwe

Dear friends,

There’s always joy in my heart when the opportunity to share God’s word comes around. This midweek service, we learnt about what it means for us as believers to be light and to shine our light in this world.

The word of God is also regarded as light (Psalm 119:105), and so exhibits one very fundamental function of light which is direction. As the light of the world, the word of God is vital in guiding us through our journey. The word of God also directs our path so that we do not stumble in darkness.

As believers, it pertinent for us to understand what we have been called to do as light. One of which is to dispel the darkness in our environment. We’re also called to be influencers. Giving light to everyone we come across (Matt 5:14-15). To be able to shine as light in this world, we must be a people of consecration. Even our lord Jesus, while on Earth was consecrated in his ministry.

Although we’re in this world, we’re not of this world. We are simply ambassadors of God’s kingdom here on Earth and should not be influenced by the predominant cultures in this world. Instead we’re meant to influence the cultures around us. How can we do this? By not conforming! God expects us to live above the standard of this world and to refuse conformity (Rom 12:1-2). We are a people transformed by the renewal of our minds, the opinions and beliefs of this world do not apply to us.

We must be influenced by heavenly things. Our standards should be influenced by God’s principles (Col 3:1-3). As ambassadors, we must superimpose the kingdom of our God upon the kingdom of this world. Hallelujah!

When we operate devices of this world like social media, we do so as people that have been called out of darkness into light. We do not act like people of this world do. We must create platforms and structures to infiltrate the cultures of this world with the right culture.

Matt 5:14-16 gives us clear insight into how we are to act as the light of the world and the end result. Our glory as the light of the world is so that everyone may see and glorify our heavenly father.

Never forget, we are to superimpose the cultures here on Earth with the right culture.

Keep shining!