Step Up With Steph

Shine As Light

Written by Nwachinemelu

Dear believer,

Having a good week so far? Just remember that the zeal of the Lord will do it.

Still taking from our 2021 theme—Year of Light. our anchor text still remains Matt 5:14-16.

There are times when the Bible has been used as righteousness and darkness, a way to describe sin. Look at John 12:35-36’s distinct description and message on light and dark. Or 1 Thessalonians 5:5 reminds you of your difference from the rest of the world. There are more verses in the Bible like this. (Hope you have your Bibles o?). The famous 2 Cor 6:verse 15 has a pretext that explains the difference, or perfectly describes why it should not be so.

And finally see Ephesians 5:8-11 talking about once being ‘lost’ in ‘sin’ but LIGHT has brought you out. When you realise that you’re a child of light, you start to understand its distinction, and also accept expectations. As you would expect two Nigerians to bond over common history and culture when in America, that is exactly how children of light are identified as well as bond over things. Gal 5:19 gives examples of someone who is exhibiting behaviours as one who works in the flesh. and verse 22 shows you those of the children of light.

Light distinguishes people. So, if you say you are a child of light, there should be characteristics that separate you from the rest of the world. Phil 2:14-15 lets us know how to live- shining like bright light in a crooked, perverse world. You are in a dark world basically, and are expected to give light. Wow, what a mission! People should see you and KNOW you’re different from them. And if they cannot, are you really light? In a world that’s getting worse, your light should make you stand out. Remember say light no dey disguise.

What does it mean to shine as light and why?

It means to show the world, what is right. Show that we’re different; which means you cannot love the world. See Psalm 37 vs 3. Like PT said, some of us have caught ourselves envying the world and missing the things we could do, and the people we were. But see Proverbs 23 vs 17 and 1 John 2:15-16. You cannot desire to be, envy, or love what you’re supposed to change.

Never be sorry for standing your ground for Jesus. Recognise that light and be bold about it. Omo! Don’t be light in church and around believers, but in the world, you’re shy or unavailable to shine your light. Your communication, actions, etc must show light.

Why should we shine? Because we can!

Affirm yourself:
  • I am a child of light, so I’ll be different and distinct.
  • I will produce an excellence that will distinguish me and glorify God
  • On my account, the word of Christ will grow and not be blasphemed.
  • I will add moral excellence to my faith, to shine better as light.

I hope this message blessed and not bored you. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely rest of the week dear friend and keep stepping up your knowledge in the faith.

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