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The Attraction Code

Written by Emmanuel Iduwe

Dear believer,

The teaching on romantic relationships is one that we all must take seriously. Our relationship with God must find expression in our relationships and marital choices. One important reason we must take marital choices seriously is because of its ability to affect our purpose.

Oftentimes, we just “go with the flow” when it comes to our relationships and do not bother to be logical or rational about it. We often disconnect teachings from God’s word on relationships from the practical application because of the spontaneity and “feelings” attached to romantic relationships.

Emotions are beautiful when controlled and brought under subjection. However, if you allow them to run wild, they could be disastrous. From a young age, we have had this illusion of what love should be. We have let that illusion fester and grow into something a little more like fantasy than reality. This is why we must undergo training on relationships and marriage, in order not to ruin an amazing experience.

In Gen 2:18-20, Adam gives us a very important lesson on relationships. He shows that despite the fact that it is not good for a one to be alone, it is important that you select the right person. It is better to remain single, and enjoy your ‘singlehood’ than to begin a relationship or marry the wrong person.

You should ensure that when it comes to choosing your partner you don’t settle for less. You must set the right standards and ensure you choose the person that meets those standards. It is also important to note that you must build yourself up to be suitable for the person who meets those right standards. That is to say, you must meet their right standards just as they meet yours.

Lev 19:19 speaks about how wrong it is for two different kinds of animals to mate. The same principle applies to us. We must go into relationships or marriage with the right person who is of the same kind as us. In 2 Cor 6:14-15, we see that light and darkness do not have any correlation, and it’s only right that they do not go into a relationship together. As God’s temple, we must be intentional about who we share this temple with. It must be someone who’s deserving of such privilege.

We must also be emotionally intelligent and improve our people’s skill in order to not frustrate the people who we have decided to marry. People with horrible past experiences in relationships also need healing in order to be able to have healthy future relationships.

Endeavor to let the love of God fill our hearts and minds and extend that love to our partner.

Keep shining beloved!