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The Believer's Love Walk

Written by Emmanuel Iduwe

Hello friends,

God has been teaching us a lot about our love walk all through this series. I have personally been delivered from many wrong notions and ideologies regarding my love walk, I hope you have too. Yesterday in church, God further impressed the importance of ensuring we re-align our love walk to suit his will upon our hearts. It was a great time in His presence. Here are a few important points to take away.

It is important that our love walk represents Christ. In fact, in every area of our life we must mirror our Lord and saviour.

Our love walk as believers is our badge of identity to the rest of the world. Just as police officers identifies themselves to criminals with their badge just before making an arrest, we are identified by our love walk and how much it represents Christ. According to John 13:34-35 loving people irrespective of their personality or beliefs is a commandment from Jesus, and in verse 35, Jesus says that will prove we are his disciples.

Our love walk also distinguishes us from the herd. As a church and as members of the body of Christ, we are in this world, but we are not of this world. We are distinguished from the rest of the world by how much we practice what Jesus taught us regarding our love walk.

1 Cor 13:1-3 teaches us a very important lesson regarding our love walk. Irrespective of how highly placed you think you are spiritually, no matter your spiritual gifts or ability to discern spiritual matters, your love walk is all that gives you relevance. Without it, the bible describes you as a clanging cymbal. That is, nothing of good report. It is necessary we get our love walk right as believers. Many people equate giving to the poor or giving to the work of God as having love. But the bible shows us this is not so.

As much as those actions are necessary, the state of your heart matters even more. That is what will determine if it’s done out of love or not.

According to Mark 12:29-31, the most important commandment is to love God with everything we have. The second most important commandment is to love your neighbours as you love yourself. These are the two things we would be judged on; our love for God and our love for people.

As believers, we must always carry the consciousness that we are one body bound by one spirit, and we must love one another just as Christ loves us.

Ensure you spread love by praying for our brethren in the diaspora that are spreading the gospel and facing persecution. We must be concerned for our brethren in need and show concern wherever it is needed. Rejoice with those that are rejoicing, forgive those who have hurt you and show them the Christ kind of love.

Always remember that this love is our identity, that is how important it is.

Keep spreading love!