Step Up With Steph

The Good News

Written by Nwachinemelu

Anyone that believes in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and goes ahead to confirm these words is saved! You’re heaven-bound already! Immediately, that person gets the Holy Ghost which empowers us to heal the sick, speak in tongues, etc. (basically all the fruits and gifts of the spirit)

With this understanding, You’re no longer a sinner. Christ has paid that price, and in full. Nothing you do/did/didn’t do was worth it. Which is why it’s wrong to preach that people who are born again must suddenly start preaching morality. Morality doesn’t make you saved.

By the time you’ve understood the miracle of Jesus and what he means to us all, no one will tell you to love everyone, be kind, flee from immorality, etc that cause you to stray from God. Not like this is easy either, but you’ll just know it. Basically, your works do not make you saved, (we’re saved by grace thankfully) but your works can show that you are saved.

Now, God is asking you as a believer (as he instructed the disciples) to spread the gospel. That’s supposed to be our life goal. Our purpose in life is to know God and make him known.

How can you know him? By reading the Bible, by community fellowship, by singing, praying in the tongues (also called praying in the spirit).

How can you make him known? By evangelism; by using your career to spread the gospel, using your money to fund the gospel, giving your time for the gospel etc.

Understand that upon being born again, you’re no longer the same. You can now do ALL that Christ did through the Holy Spirit which lives in us now. We’re spirits who have souls and live in a body. (Therefore, the spirit deserves more attention than the body).

In summary:

Believe in Jesus, all He is and has done

Accept Him into your life full time

Boom; you’re a citizen of heaven. Praise God!!

However, ensure you don’t stay a baby forever. As you advance in life by education and dedication, please give that same energy to things of God. Follow Matt 6:33 and commit to fulfilling purpose so you can keep growing in the joy and faith.

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