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Dating Intelligently

Written by Nwachinemelu

Dear believer,

Here are 13 love codes to know and live by.

  1. Every relationship begins with one person; especially one who is just. Matt 1:19
  2. Feelings are a scam. Stop punishing yourselves with relationships that are based on feelings.
  3. Love is a choice. When you understand the value of your life (one rooted in Christ), you won’t let people waste your time. Place value on yourself in order to make a great choice. I like this analogy given my Pastor Laju on how love is a choice. Let us assume you won a free stay at the Radisson Blu hotel. You are to eat free breakfast, lunch and dinner as long as you stay there. But here’s the catch; the first meal you choose is the one you get throughout the week. I bet you will think long and hard before choosing anything. That is just like love.
  4. Choose with God. 2Cor 5:15. Build your life with principles and not with exceptions.
  5. Dating is not a hobby.
  6. Marriage does not change people.
  7. Love is visionary. Gen 28
  8. Sex was God’s idea, and therefore has God’s timing (in marriage). Eph 5:3.
  9. Build friendship; forgive, communicate, support, love in words and actions.
  10. Love is a fruit of the born again spirit.
  11. Wisdom is a gift of the born again spirit.
  12. Successful relationships are possible. Fix your thoughts on that.
  13. God has a plan for your relationship.

Looking back to number 3, here are 4 mistakes people make when choosing and you must look out for:

  • Having low expectations
  • Having unrealistic expectations. Discern people by grace and not my physicality.
  • Ill preparedness
  • Wrong counsel or constant attention given to the wrong narratives.

Do watch the amazing sermon here and share this blog post with your friends. Have a blessed week ahead.