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Why The Church Does Not Address Social Issues

Written by Nwachinemelu

The simple answer is that Jesus wants us to predominantly prioritise spreading the gospel according to the power he’s given us. The church of Christ is there to see that all people are saved and destined for eternity. It’s like an embassy. You only go to the UK embassy for UK engagements. Even though they’re an international body, they are only supposed to focus on what is their business- UK foreign and home engagements. That’s like the church.

In the Christian faith, there is a greater, more fundamental problem humanity faces than whatever plagues are in this world- sin. Therefore, salvation of souls is the church’s first and only priority. According to Pastor Emmanuel Iren in the Reboot Camp 2020, Abuja, in Jesus’ time, there was not one record of Him relating to ‘soro soke’. From certain conversations in the Bible, it is correct to say that taxes were weighing heavily on the people so much that they tried to trap Jesus in a political miscommunication (Matthew 22:15-22). Maybe to see how much He really cared for them. However, He moved from the topic of taxes to that of ‘giving to God what is God’s’. His mission and main focus was salvation. It is only natural for the church to follow suit.

It is unfair for people to still hold churches to certain expectations when they do not speak on these issues; tagging it an ‘do not care about the congregation’ or ‘only interested in tithe’ mentality . Spiritual leaders may speak on these things personally, albeit in their personal capacity as human beings and citizens, not on behalf of a church. Let the church do its work and let us do ours.

Disclaimer: I did not say that churches should or should not address social issues. I’m saying that it is not, and should not be compulsory for them to.