Step Up With Steph

Mary of Magdala

Written by Chris Chuwa

My life was hardly ever boring or uneventful. Knowing Jesus at such a young age really changed my life. For a part of my life, I was plagued by demons, they tormented me so much. To put my pain in words, I would say my life consisted of sleepless nights where all I could do was cry and be unable to focus or control myself.

So, after going through all this ,you can imagine how happy I was when I met Jesus and He healed me. I was simply through the roof with joy, couldn’t believe it at first, but as reality set in, I knew what I had to do next. I packed my bags and what I had and told my family I was leaving to follow Jesus. I was unmarried and without kids so it wasn’t a hard decision for me. My family didn’t really support me, they were worried about what people would say, but all that didn’t matter to me. I had made up my mind to follow Jesus.

Being with Jesus was simply amazing. I witnessed him change the lives of so many people through his teachings and miracles and I had so much fun. My closeness with Jesus came with some setbacks sadly. While I was drawing closer to God, others felt I had ulterior motives and was simply trying to get him into bed. It was simply disgusting to hear these rumours and you just know these rumours were only going around because I was a woman.

All the other apostles were men and nobody ever doubted their intentions when we travelled city to city spreading the word of God. But I on the other hand, was called a prostitute by some of the Pharisees and clergymen so many times. At first, I never paid mind to it, but after some time, hearing it all got to me. Jesus never listened to these rumours as he didn’t bother Himself with things of the world.

Some apostles tried to make me feel better and even nicknamed me “the apostle of the apostles” which I grew quite fond of even though I still felt some envy from other apostles (I won’t call names). When these rumours kept spreading I tried to tell them otherwise and say nothing was going on but nobody would listen to me. You have to understand that the word of a woman meant next to nothing back then, they thought I was lying and just endearing myself closer to him. I got tired of it all to be honest and just decided to focus on the ministry and helping financially because that was the best way I felt I could help.

It hurt me, taking a step back, but in the end it was all for the greater good.