Step Up With Steph

The Resurrection- Part Two

Written by Emmanuel Iduwe

I walked back calmly to my seat, bubbling with confidence and renewed vigor.

‘Court rise’! The clerk yelled, signalling the entrance of the Judge.

‘Defendant, I understand you have one last witness to call forth’ The Judge said.

This was it. This was my last shot to prove Jesus resurrected and convince the court of my innocence.

‘Yes your honor, the defendant will like to call Peter to the stand’.

A look of shock filled the faces of everyone in the courtroom. Murmurs of ‘Isn’t that one of the eleven always with Jesus’? filled the air.

Peter walked briskly towards the stand, looking radiant as always. I was grateful he came. He and the others had been my greatest source of strength in these trying times.

While seated, Peter’s eyes caught mine, then he smiled, ever so comfortingly.

‘Do you swear that the testimony you will give to this honorable court will be the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God’?

‘Yes, I swear’ Peter responded.

‘Please state your name for the honourable court’

‘I am Simon Peter, son of Jonah’

‘Thank you Peter. Please can you give your testimony to this honorable court’?

‘It would be my pleasure’. ‘It all began that fateful morning, the day after the sabbath. I was with a group of close friends when Mary Magdalene, Mary; James’ mother and some other women came to tell us of the resurrection of Jesus. At first, we did not believe them because it sounded like nonsense. But then, I went to the tomb myself to investigate the situation, and He no longer was there’

‘That’s an interesting story Peter’ My lawyer continued. ‘But anyone could come up here to claim the tomb was empty, I mean someone could have stolen the body like the Soldiers claimed’.

‘Well, He appeared to me and over 500 witnesses out in the open, so if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe them’.

‘Thank you Peter, that would be all’.

I watched in awe as Peter made his exit. God had finally done it, an irrefutable testimony not even the Judge could ignore. All the times I spent in fear and uncertainty was finally over, I could now see light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

‘What is going to happen now’? I turned to my lawyer as soon as we stepped out of the courtroom.

‘Well, all that’s left is for the Jury to deliberate on whether you’re guilty or not and report back to the Judge who would then give the verdict’ He said as we took our seat on a bench just outside the courtroom.

‘Don’t worry Mary, all will be well. The truth shall prevail’ He said reassuringly.

Twenty-five minutes had passed before we received information the Judge was ready to give her verdict. Five minutes later, we were all seated patiently as the Judge addressed the court.

‘In the matter of The People versus Mary Magdalene, the Jury has found the defendant..’

My toes curled as I struggled to listen to the final verdict. Time stood still and silence enveloped the courtroom.

‘…not guilty of all counts of Blasphemy and false claims. Miss Mary, you’re free to go’ The Judge concluded banging her gavel.

I leaped with joy from my seat as I made to hug my lawyer. Peter and all the other disciples present suddenly surrounded me with congratulatory words and hugs

I was free. At last, the truth has prevailed. Although many had tried to deny His resurrection, and promote false conjectures all to discredit our testimonies, the truth has finally prevailed. We have hope and confidence in him, because he has risen. He is no longer where he laid. Hallelujah!